#20 Sense of Wonder・Recommendation of ESP

2022 . 11 . 02

Have you ever heard of Sense of Wonder?
This is one of my favorite books written by Rachel Carson.

Sense of Wonder is translated as “a sensibility to see the mystery and wonder”.

When we were little we used to feel mystery and wonder in everything we saw, heard and touched.
When we were children, we all must have had our eyes opened to such a world.

We ask an adult a question if we don’t understand.
“Why?” “How come?”
Eventually they’ll say, “You’re persistent!” or ” Later!” and then the curiosity slowly fades away.

Because sometimes mystery and wonder can be invisible, whenever we talk about such a world, they say, “It’s shady” or “You are too much of a child” or “Grow up!” and a curiosity fades further as we begin to think it to ourselves.

That’s how we grew up as adult we believe that only what we can see, what can be confirmed by images and what can be proven by science are true, and we only believe what is on TV, what famous scholars say and what other people are doing while being messes up by the value of common sense

Believe in yourself
Think for yourself
It has come to seem insecure, foolish, futile, and dangerous and so on.

What a waste of time!!

Originally we should be much more free.
Like children living in a free world.

Mystery and wonder are sometimes invisible and
maybe science can’t prove it
but the sensitivity to feel it and
the sensitivity to see it
will nurture supernatural abilities.

Intuition becomes clearer and synchronicity is more likely to occur
it’s easier to connect with lucky events.

I’m sure there are many definitions of ESP
but the definition I think that I can use on a daily basis today is

“The ability to make what you envision happen.”
I think!

A man called Uri Geller once bent a spoon in an instant.
People who saw it said, “It’s ESP!”

He envisioned a “bent spoon” and instantly made it a reality. Amazing.
But, you don’t have to use your superpower to bend spoons.

Is there a world you would like to see?
Do you have a future that you envision?

A society full of smiling children
A society where the elderly can feel secure
Growth of yourself and your family
The beauty of the earth to be protected

If you have a wish, if you have a future you want to envision
And you need to picture it, realistically and firmly.

Someday someone will
It’s impossible because times are so bad
Not with a weak government
Not like that

We, now is the time to use our psychic powers and
would you like to make your image a reality?
As soon as possible.

I am now
want to see children’s big smiles with their masks off.
I would like to see a view where we can have a conversation safely
in a school or community.

So, what does it take to get super powers!
I will tell you about that next time.

Please look forward to it.
Let’s all be psychic!

Author ; Mayumi Inoue