#32 Let see what we don’t know

2021 . 01 . 19

Hello, everyone!!
Do you know guys that you don’t know ??

My friend, an artist Hiroaki Sugiyama, who drew the picture on the opening photo,
said that
“ Interest will be born from what you don’t know.
But, if you don’t know what you don’t know, maybe you don’t even notice its existence and just pass by.”

For example, the pictures are a seventh dragon (right side) and an eighth dragon (left side).

Number 7 is a symbol of happiness. Yellow colour is also used to call for happiness. The dragon of the right side will bring happiness for us. Number 8 represents the prospect spreading out from the shape of Japanese Kanji.
The dragon of the left side is holding the expectation for the future.

Compared to those two, the brilliant yellow and clear shape of the dragon gives us the brightness, and the left side is something mysterious deeply and will change to anything,,,,,do you feel??

However, If you don’t know anything, do you think we can feel the prospect from the left picture ?? I may finish watching without knowing the author’s mind or thought as I will feel only “ This is darker than the right.”or something.

I like to feel the first impression when I face pictures and arts with nothing, so I don’t read any information. At a museum or an exhibition, I feel relaxed and glance at pictures and any kinds of arts vaguely. I just enjoy my emotions like becoming warm or filling my heart. I never seek ‘interesting’ for art. lol
Just because Hiroaki explained a lot in this time, I realised there seems interesting worlds and that must be worlds I didn’t know.

In the first place, drawing a picture is really profound.
The mural paintings in Lascaux Cave, France, which everyone would have heard at least one time, is said to have been painted by Cro-Magnon Man twenty thousand years ago. There was no writing words, no advanced calculation (maybe), but people had been drawing such from old old age.
Although in modern Japanese schools, five subjects (Japanese, Mathematics, Science, Social studies, English) are Exam subjects and fine art including painting is not essential except for students who want to go to an art university, however, drawing pictures, designing, or colouring,,,, .those actions may necessary, rather than memorizing letters or calculation.

Does drawing a picture have a thoughtful action or an original desire of human beings?

What kind of “thing that I don’t know” will I meet this year? I was thinking of a new year’s day.
What kind of things am I aware of that I don’t know?
What do I want to know?
Unexpectedly, my viewpoint is narrow and it seems that many people are unaware of what they do not know.

“Feeling of being fascinated to something new like a first meeting”
which I have expressed in this corner and “Feeling of excitement which we feel I want to know more against a change from what I don’t know to what I got!“ which I knew at this time.

I thought both were different, but I realized again that I was originally interested in myself and had the background to be aware of what I didn’t know. Because I’m interested in the thing basically, I can find it interesting.
However, I may not be clear about even my feelings as to why I found it interesting.

There is one phrase that say“ Try to explain it without using the word ‘interesting’,”.

What kind of interesting thing is this? Feeling Excited? Fanny? Mysterious?

First of all, in order to get to know ourself, why don’t you make a habit feeling more detailed or more in our heart. A different world may spread. With another option, if we write everything with only a picture without words like Cro-Magnon Man, we may be able to see a tremendous different world. If AI can most of works instead of people one day, drawing a picture as brushing teeth, swimming in the ocean on a sunny day and laying down under the tree on a hot day ( Mostly Tongan life,,,),,,,
This maybe, maybe become normal in the future.

One day, this article ”Full of the things we don’t know” may become like an image painting !?
Or, an AI may write this only scanning my heart!?

By the way, I recommend ‘CAPTAIN FANTASTIC’, an American comedy drama in 2016 while many of you have watched. A father Ben and his wife Leslie disillusioned with capitalism and the American way of life. Through life in the woods, they teach children survival skills and philosophies.
However, after living in the woods for 10 years, Leslie was hospitalized and committed suicide. For her funeral, Ben goes on a car trip with his children. It means reconnecting with society but the children who experience life outside the forest for the first time …

If you have time, please take a look!
If you watch the trailer, you will surely want to watch the main story. ↓ ↓ ↓
CAPTAIN FANTASTIC’(※external website)

Author ; Miki Kato