#24 Expression

2020 . 09 . 08

Hello !!
For the first time for some time, I went to a jazz concert.
I lately have enjoyed a lot of online streaming ,but it was stunning with the atmosphere, the nurturing music, the comfortable light, or the feeling of being surrounded by audiences’ elation !!
“ Expression “,this is what I thought today.

– People can “ express” in four ways.
A word in an arts article attracted my notice.

It is said that we have four things to express.
The first one is through colour or shape, the second is through words, the third is through music and the fourth is through the body .
It is said that those never come out without feeling.
There are five senses such as listening, seeing, touching, smelling and eating.
Many sensations will be based on expressing like I want to make a colour or I want to make a shape. After we, humans, feel something we want to express, and then we will express it. It is the same with “eating”. We always eat after we feel our appetite.

In fact, human beings seem to have a spontaneous desire for “expression”.
I am not good at drawing pictures, I am not good at playing the piano even though I had learned to play it for a long time. I’m also not good at exercising or dancing or moving my body the way I want to. Well, I want to say that I am good at writing because I‘m a writer using words, however, since childhood , I have always thought that it is better to live without words.

Be that as it may , I like to draw collars without thinking just with feeling. Whenever I see a new instalment, I want to try it. Moreover, I like the dance party if it is free style.
Wiring inner feelings makes me settle down, too.

Maybe, I like to just express . As a human level!?

My friend said that
‘Clothes is important for me because it is the only way of express myself.’

Like him, the expression may be a hobby for people who want to do it every day.

The expression may be an arts for people who want to make superior

Mmmmm!! Really ??
I have felt that ‘International cooperation is one of the arts.’ after Tonga ( it’s just my imagination), so I deeply reconsider what the arts are !

The Wikipedia said that
“Art is an activity that attempts to achieve mental or sensory fluctuation through the interaction of the viewer with the person or thing being expressed. The term refers to literary art (language arts), fine arts (visual arts), music (performing arts), and theater and film (general arts), among others.”

This is mean that
The expression can be handled by oneself.
Art is an activity that involves two or more people or people and things, trying to pass their sense back and forth !?

And also there is a postscript.

Moreover, when one work or one activity is so high quality, we call it “art”.
This case does not rely on the creativity of the work or the activity.

I was convinced of this well.
Something beautiful I felt will touch my heart rather than music or painting.
It doesn’t matter a classification or what words I use to describe it.

The word “art” sounds kind of stale, but I feel like everyday life is full of art.
I heard that there is a man who sees farming as art.The result seems to be changed with the viewpoint of how we can show beautifully or not. My friend was taught that it will be clear when she will take a photo. I feel that the plants themselves will also be very comfortable if they will be desired to be beautiful by someone.

The art between a plant and a man who wants to create it, or a plant and a man who looks at it.

The moment that an activity to live will be changed to a work of art.

In fact, everyone is an artist. Feel full ,express fully.

I hope our world will be simply content with a comfortable atmosphere crossing over at a full moon night in Pisces.

Eventually, nothing might be over the beauty of nature ,,,

Author ; Miki Kato