#8 When stared, joy is double and sorrow halved.

2019 . 12 . 29

It’s coming a new years eve !!
Many people refrain this year and expect something for a next year, don’t you ??
I realised that I ‘m really enjoying my small island life during my Fiji trip with Japanese friend who met in Tonga on Christmas holiday.

There are a lot of things what there aren’t in Tonga.
They are not only nature like mountains, livers, ponds, etc but also two stories houses, shopping street with arcades , big department stores, a cinema , perfect articles ,,, it made me exciting!!

Firstly, there are much more people there and I was stressed only walking in town.
Especially at 24th of December , man ! and man ! and man ! it’s like in Tokyo for a Christmas shopping!
Fiji is one of pacific islands country but I felt in Asia with 40% Indians.
Additionally, Native Fijian who have very different body shape and face with Tongan stole my eyes.
Women having a big big curly hair like Marimo are very cute . They are my favourite in Fiji. I could see some each commitment at difference of size, colour ,how curl ,,,.No body has those Afro hair in Tonga.

I always compered with things what I can see in Fiji but cannot do in Tonga and said “Wonderful! I want this in Tonga!!”
However, when I felt relieved with serenity like Tongan Sunday on Christmas day, 25th ,I felt nostalgic to Tonga . I wanted to go buck to Tonga fast.

This emotion was maybe also from my friend living in Tonga now. It was not same as travel alone. We had some different custom regardless we are living same in Tonga. Even she live in Tonga longer than I but she is like Japanese not like Tongan than me. I guess she lives in capital and I live in a small island.
It’s same as Japan. If we compere with capital in same country, all of people are like a family in country side. It’s not possible to live with Japanese way.I already became more like Tongan with only 3months.

For example, even if she can live without root croups in capital, I could not live avoiding them .
It’s same if I am tired with them , too. They give me them saying 「Eat Talo」「Do you have Sweet potatoes?」「I harvested Tapioca.」.
( I like all of them, so It’s my desire.)

Conversely, if I talk to someone about them like 「It was very tasty」「It’s sweeter than before」「Well done」,our conversation will become 10times or 20 times longer. Sometimes, people bring me to their field to see them.
My body seems to have gotten used to eat root crops.
Although I was so happy eating something I cannot eat in Tonga first, I was very tired to eat them time to time and I was so comfortable when I could get some tapiocas. On the other hand, my friend didn’t eat any root croups and she really enjoyed with modern food.

It is not “ good” or “ bad’ but I felt a lot of differences.
It is like difference of Japanese customs . People in some region enjoy souvenir foods with visitors but the others should prepare some food to enjoy with visitors.
It’s a small things but sometimes I thought I should do like my friend for Japanese or sometimes I felt something wrong with her actions.

Of course, it’s not only Japanese way or Tongans way ,
but at the end, I like my small island life include customs .

「 There is no restaurant alway opened , no shop I can buy a new clothes or a no fabric shop. I’m called from strangers. I’m seen always so if I bake a cake everyone know it without telling it. There is no private.However, we can see beautiful sky and the sea every day, we exchange food, we talk a lot whole day. I like it.」

I thought like this.

「A lot of things what I don’t expect are always happened , but also those things bring me other happiness or delight. I want to spend more and more with Tongan.」

I thought like this.

I also don’t want to forget Japanese styles.
I want not to change totally .I want to enjoy Tongan styles ,

I started this blog from September .
I ‘m studying thorough Tonga ,too.
I appreciate you all for following.

Let’s see our world what we don’t know yet in 2020 .

A happy new year.

Author ; Miki Kato