#3 What can we do for Zelo hunger world
- World Food Day-

2019 . 11 . 05

Do you know the World Food Day ??It’s on 16 of October every year.
It was made for remains about food unbalance in all of the world.

We produce enough food to survive  63billion people.
However, actually 8.2billion people is died due to malnutrition or  hunger.
On the other side, 70-80% Tongans are overweight or have some diseases according to too much eating like diabetes , high blood pressure or heart diseases.

We hold an event with  Government Primary School Pangai students for a ministry of agriculture , food and forest. Because we want to change our health problems with children.

At our event, children explain that it’s connected to Zero Hunger World with own health with colouring or poem etc. 
What can we do for Zero Hunger World not only one day event but also daily actions ….It seems very easy, I feel,,,, but when can we realise Zero Hunger World ??

Program day 1   15th of October
1st and 2nd grade students colours food picture, 3rd and 4th grade students made a poem, 5th grade students draw original food group poster and 6th grade students write a essay about Health or Zero Hunger Word   at GPSP school ,Then, our staff made a ranking . 

Program day 2   16th of October
Ceremony for winners, Demonstration by some high school students ( Tongan traditional cooking ‘ Lai pele and chicken ‘ and ‘ Ota’ika’ ), 5mins walking exercise ,a show of  Tongan traditional dance ‘ Tau’olunga’ and free dance time.

We prepared healthy eggplant menu , target vegetable of this year , like curry, omelet and chutney.  Lunch box was also very hearty with some fruit , boiled loot clops and egg .
※Lai pele and chicken :cooked  chicken and green leaves is popular  in pacific islands.
    Ota’ika:low fish with coconuts milk 

While children were doing them best, I thought that 
「Although children know or learn everything , why we forget or ignore it ,,,」
At the same time, I ‘m sure we should continue acting on daily life from this 2days event.

One of  guest also said that
「,,,,,People who eat a lot of mutton from New Zealand are Tongan , people who eat a lot of clacker from Australia are Tongan, people who eat a lot of snacks are ,,,,,, We must be healthy without too much eating,,,,,」
Only I could catch that. What a regrettable I couldn’t understand enough Tongan language !!

They are king of eating.
「Kai( Eat) 」This is an only world that I am said everyday.
This eating habits is too much , and NCDs ( Non communicable diseases ) are expanding with exported food like bread, clacker , noodle. Because amount is huge, effect for body would be more than double.

Yes, the life span is having shorten.

That is why I’m here to improve  them eating habits or NCDs.
However, I thought
 “There is a life for Tongan .What’s the matter ? They are only enjoying eating than healthy life. Losing weight is not only way ,only  healthy body is not only life .Is it really right to say as a Japanese volunteer ??’ 
Still now, my opinion is not really changed.

Nevertheless, thanks for children,  I could notice how to think about health .
We must plan to send crackers from Australia not to Tonga, to suffering countries. 

Wow, if Tongans don’t eat too much and then they could donate some food or rich countries buy them food for donation, people who suffering food will reduce ,,,
If they import not over packages of  crackers , some countries must donate them for hungers!? Now, we have no time to get diseases with too much eating ! We should get health not only for ourselves !!」 

All of worth or life have good face and bad face.

There are some countries wasting a lot of food like Japan, there are some countries eating a lot and shorten them life like Tonga.
Then, there are some countries losing them lives because no food.

I feel that is not fear , I don’t like those reality , I can’t think we can do nothing.
Many events were hold for world food day in Japan , too, right !?
Onigiri Action is still going( ,In this year, I ‘m doing it from Tonga !!

Author ; Miki Kato