#1 Mystery of the word

2019 . 10 . 15

Hello!! I’m MIKI from Tonga.
I ‘members order system going to write ‘ something new ‘ in this blog from Tonga.
I’m really appreciate to write it down.
At the same time, I’m anxious about misunderstanding according to “ word”,

Word is so mysterious.
Why we use other languages in all of the world ??
Moreover, why we can translate each languages ??
‘ Is Hello really 「 やあ」or「どうも」or 「こんにちは」?

Now, I live in Tonga. So, I’m learning Tongan language.
When I meet a new Tongan word what we can’t translate directly in English or Japanese, I always feel real Tonga, and I imagine what is important for Tonga or what do they think.

For example, there is no word “ bitter ‘ in Tonga.
I think, they don’t have original bitter taste foods.
They don’t used to eat bitter taste.
So, nowadays, when they drink coffee or tea, they put a lot of sugar. It seems cover bitter taste.

‘ fakatau’ is ’ to buy’ , but it is also ‘to sell’.
For Tongans, is it not big deal if it’s action with money !?

More interesting word is ‘ folau’.
Folau is travel (sail) to another island from own island where they live in.
So, if you go out from own island, it is ‘folau’ . Does’t matter foreign country or same country Tonga but not own island.
If you travel or trip to other region in same island, we say just ‘ ‘alu ‘ ( meaning ‘go’ ).

Why they can use same language in Tonga, though there are 172 islands ( people live in 45 islands), and vice versa !?

There are some countries using a lot of local language in same country ,
There are 853 languages in PNG, 454 languages in India, also 15 local languages in Japan!!
They live in same continent but a lot of countries use English or Spanish or French for common language.
Why they have so many languages in one country ?
When we use another language instead of mother language , do we really understand??
Even if we talk with same Japanese, it happens to misunderstand and mistakes,

So, I think word or language is really , really limited .
Even that, communicable word is useful.

Please imagine not only word but also on your heart in this blog!!

Thank you for your attention forever.
Let’s enjoy together!!

Malo ‘aupito !! ‘Ofa atu!! ( Thank you very much, kisses )

Author ; Miki Kato