About illustrator Dolly

I’m Dolly.

I draw pictures for picture books and do cartoons and illustrations.

I’m thinking to create works that will cheer up people and make them happy.

I married my husband Acchan in 2016 and the sweetest daughter in the world Poniko was born in 2018, till then my family of three were living in Osaka, but my husband decided to work at tamaki niime, and we moved to Nishiwaki City, where tamaki niime is located.

We have been in Nishiwaki for two years, and I would like to draw various things that happen every day and about tamaki niime I know through my husband in my cartoon.

Mainly it’s about my life, so I will draw about my painting job, childcare and many other things, but I would be happy if you could enjoy it in your spare time.

Can’t wait‼ Yeah!