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It has two pockets each side front and back and you can wear it back to front and front to back, so we named "zengo" meaning front and back in Japanese.
Like Sarouel pants, the rise is deepened to give a loose feeling.
By slowly weaving with a power loom of the 1960s,
unleashed from its hardness and weight, make it soft and comfortable.
It’s a denim that goes beyond the common sence and only tamaki niime can create.

《About our denim》
Our denim is slowly woven by a power loom of the 1960s at tamaki niime's Lab.
We offer seven types with different colors and textures.

Made with selected threads which made from an arrange winder, a deep sensed denim.

Denim that is cut at the color switching points and to enjoy the colored threads.

5/1 Twill weave
The most standard denim.
Skip a lot of threads that intersect vertically and horizontally to make it softness and volume.

5/1.3/3 Twill weave
Denim that gives a sense of vividness and elasticity.

8/4 Twill weave
Denim that is woven more softer and more vividly.

11/1 Twill weave
Pursuing softness to the utmost limit.
Comfortable and voluminous like sweat fabric.

5/1 twill weave using white warp threads.
You can enjoy different colors from indigo.

Size Waist Hip Length Hem
1 68cm 120cm 86cm 46cm
2 70cm 130cm 100cm 50cm

・The waist is made of rubber.


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