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mocotton shawl MIDDLE


'mocotton shawl’, animal fiber free double sided shawl with variety of colors.
Non-twisted yarn gives shawls warmth, wool-like touch and dry clean free convenience.
Our 1970’s looms with much slower speed than modern one other manufacturer used for mass production make ‘roots shawl’ soft, light, and less scratchy.
A loom of us produces only 20 shawls a day. We change colors of weft every 3 to 4 shawls and each shawls have different pattern, so all of roots shawls are one of a kind. The weft we use is dyed in our workshop to have thousands of variation of colors and ikat.
Shawl is double sided so you can choose to display one side, or you can play with your folding methods or twist to display both.
Size Length Width
MIDDLE 190cm 54cm

One of a kind

mocotton shawl MIDDLE

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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