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fuwattamask 2


Like a cloud floating in the fluffy sky...the name is fuwattamask.

We created it in reversible to have you enjoy our one of a kind texture.
You can enjoy wearing it according to your mood and fashion of the day.
The texture is weaved with dyed yarn and it’s surprisingly light comfort.
100% cotton made so we want you to enjoy wearing it all year round.

The strap is knitted fabric with a soft feel which is knitted by circular knitting machine and it’s adjustable.

A soft wire is sewn on the part that touches the nose to fit your face better.

Size 2
Same size as botamask and perfect for men.
material:cotton95% nylon4% polyurethane1%
size:2 / Height 14cm Width 17cm

One of a kind

fuwattamask 2

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