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Price ¥4,500〜24,000

The work which performed collaboration of blueover and tamaki niime. Blueover is a domestic handicraft sneaker brand from Osaka. The denim cloth is bright and is full of expressions.
The work is performed collaboration of moonstar and Tamaki niime. moonstar is a long-established shoemaker in Fukuoka. There are black sole and white sole. They are different colors and patterns between right and left.
The difference between our fabrics and others is a yarn made by twining fine threads. All of our items are one of a kind with the combination of pattern and color scheme. We have denim slippers and they are colorful for changing color of weft little by little. Hope you find ones you like.
They are sewed in Tokushima, one of a few companies which are making slippers in Japan.
upper / cotton100%
23 / Length 25cm Width 9.5cm 24 / Length 26cm Width 9.5cm 25 / Length 27cm Width 10cm
26 / Length 28cm Width 10cm 27 / Length 29cm Width 10.5cm 28 / Length 30cm Width 10.5cm

upper / cotton100% sole / synthetic rubber
22.5 / Length 26cm Width 8.5cm 23.5 / Length 28cm Width 8.5cm 24.5 / Length 20cm Width 9cm
25.5 / Length 20cm Width 9cm 26.5 / Length 20cm Width 9.5cm

upper / cotton100% medium / polyurethane100% sole / vinyl chloride100%
L / Length 29cm Width 11.5cm M / Length 27cm Width 10.5cm

《deniime scuff》
upper / cotton100% medium / polyurethane100% sole / vinyl chloride100%
F / Length 29cm Width 10.5cm

One of a kind


    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.

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