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Alpaca series


tamaki niime, which has been raising sheep and growing cotton to learn about the materials has welcomed alpaca.
We created shawls and knitwear for the first time with alpaca, which has become much more familiar.
Rare alpaca yarns also known as the "Jewel of the Andes" are as luxurious as cashmere and wool.
It has a glossy sheen and is soft and warm.
What we chose for softer texture is Baby alpaca yarn,
Among them, 2/46, a yarn finer than the usual wool yarn, and cotton are combined to enhance the alpaca characteristics.
Woven as gently as possible and black base, it’s an elegant piece.
Please feel "alpaca" by picking it up and touching it.

material:shawl alpaca75% cotton25%
knit alpaca90% cotton10%

Alpaca series

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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