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Shawl saves the earth.


tamaki niime has been working on environmental restoration along with the "Regeneration of the Earth". Get back healthy circulation by circulating water and air on land that has been encumbered by concrete. This is the first step we have taken to fix the distortion of the earth.

From January 2023, 10% of the sales of tamaki niime's masterpiece shawls had used to support the "Regeneration of the Earth". We want to make an opportunity for people to learn about the "Earth Today". We started it with such a mind. Enjoying shawls on a daily basis helps to create a healthy circulation.

It is difficult for us to change the whole earth by ourselves, but if each one of us becomes aware of this, the future will surely change.

《This is a message from Niime Tamaki》

I was thinking it’s fine to create what we want and if there’re people who are happy with it and if we can continue to create things while preserving the craftsmanship of the region.

But it isn't.
We are connected to the earth and make things.
It was the "Regeneration of the Earth" that made me realize that we were only seeing ourselves.

The earth is not the property of mankind.
I did a 180 and my values have changed ever since meeting with Mr. Tomonori Yano, Regeneration of the Earth.
The earth is warped now.
Human-centered economic activities are throwing the world out of balance.

The spirit of cherish things, which the Japanese people have always possessed.
Living with nature and living in a cycle.
A desire to help each other.
It was something we could do on a daily basis until a long time ago.
Japan have changed in a period of rapid postwar growth.

The most extreme problem of this is concrete.
Concrete has made roads, buildings, and life more convenient.
But, mountains are being cut down, landfilled, the earth is in a trouble.

Please imagine.
If we had concrete painted on our face we wouldn't be able to breathe! ?
It’s same for the earth. Neither water nor air will circulate.

Regeneration of the Earth is an effort to regenerate the environment that has been destroyed.
Observe the land carefully, unleash from concrete, dig up the soil and let water and air circulate.

Utilizing natural materials such as bamboo and wood, and even the rubble from the demolition of concrete will be used as mounds and other structures.

I'll never know unless I try so I joined the work first.
I didn’t understand what they’re doing, when I first started I was like「!?!」.

But when the concrete wasteland comes back to life through the regeneration of the earth, it becomes pleasantly breezy.
The ground to step on becomes softer.
Grass and trees come alive.
Insects, birds and creatures will return.
A healthy cycle begins.
Gradually, I can physically feel the change.

The base of tamaki niime was a wasteland of former factory, but now horse, sheep, alpacas, and various other animals live here together.
The "Regeneration of the Earth" effort is a grand experiment in improving the future.
If we can spend a rich life here with nature, we can apply it in the city or anywhere in the world.

We want to fix the distortion of the earth not simply as a fashion brand, but as a nature brand.
We want to put as much effort as possible to fix the distortion of the earth.

From 2023, 10% of the sales of tamaki niime's masterpiece shawls will be used to support the "Regeneration of the Earth" effort.
In addition we started tamaki niime's crowdfunding "tamafun" for those who share our activities and want to work together with us.

People grow when they see a world they do not know.
I would be happy if it’ll be a chance for the staff who work together to create things and our customers who love our craftsmanship to learn about the present state of the earth.

And so, if each one of us realizes that the future will change.

Niime Tamaki the representative of tamaki niime

Tomonori Yano, representative of "Regeneration of the Earth," was a guest on niime expo 2023 Open Radio. What is the Regeneration of the Earth. What is the "pulse" of the earth!? Please listen to his passionate talk about his latest project with tamaki niime, which he describes as the "culmination"!

Click here for the radio

Regeneration of the Earth HP

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Shawl saves the earth.

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