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tarun pants


Saruel-style pants that is so tamaki niime.
Boldly combined our textile vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
When you wear it, the silhouette fits your body and it’s natural.
It has originality but not flashy.
You can dress like yourself and it’s an addictive pants.
Please enjoy warm woolen in fall and winter.

Size Waist Length Hem
SUPER LONG 72cm 98cm 52cm
LONG 70cm 87cm 52cm
SHORT 70cm 72cm 50cm

・The waist is made of rubber.

material:wool70% cotton30%

One of a kind

tarun pants

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    ※The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
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    *The color of actual work may differ from the picture.
    The appearance such as position and thickness of the yarn varies depending on the work.
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